Debra Elizabeth Photographer and Mother

Debra Elizabeth captures the unique and artistic elements of the people and businesses she photographs.   She provides accessible commercial images for social media content, websites, newsletters, advertising and other promotional materials.   Her images are powerful tools for marketing a specific style, service, atmosphere, and community.

Most businesses are aware of the necessity for weekly social media posts or website updates but do not have the time to develop compelling content.  Debra creates visual narratives for her clients.  The positive results online often surprise her clients when their websites are displayed first on search engines.

Photographing on-location and in natural settings, Debra finds people to be far more interesting than they realize.  Her personal goal is to provide visual storytelling that honor the endeavors of those she photographs and the services they provide our communities and/or families.

Debra’s work is influenced by her studies at the Art Institute of Boston, twenty years of practice, and rich life experience.

To view examples of her work, click on the links below:

Red Dog Farm

Bob’s Bakery

Port Townsend Shipwright’s Co-op

Finnriver Farm

Great Bear Charters Blog

Farm’s Reach

Contact:   360.643.3066 or swanson.deb@gmail.com

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